Workshop Times

Friday – March 15
12:00p – 8:30p Registration Open
Pre-Conference Function
1:00p – 1:50p Book Camp-Part 1: Pied Piping the Muse Chris Marie Green
2:00p – 2:50p Book Camp-Part 2: Matchmaking 101 Judy Duarte
3:00p – 3:50p Book Camp- Part 3: Black Moments Lisa Kessler
4:00p – 4:50p Book Camp-Part 4: Plotting Chris Marie Green, Judy DuarteLisa Kessler plus more
5:00p – 5:50p Free Time – Dinner on Your Own
Conference Begins
6:00p – 6:50p Itching to Pitch Dee J. Adams
  Playing Nice with Your Dragon Jane Porter
  E-Publishing Panel Mallory Braus, Jennifer Miller & Michelle Klayman
  Chat: Faith, Hope, Love & the CBA Charlotte Carter & Janet Tronstad
  Creating Memorable Sidekicks and Secondaries Linda Wisdom
7:00p – 7:50p Advanced Tools of the Trade Charlotte Carter
  Self-Editing Liz Pelletier
  State of the Industry HelenKay Dimon & Christie Ridgway
  Pitch Practice Beth Yarnall, et. al.
8:00p – 8:50p The Great Agent Hunt Christie Craig
  Character Self-Definition: Awakening the Conflict Within Elizabeth Boyle
  World Building Jillian Stone & Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
  Chat:  Cops & Robbers Kathy Bennett & M.A. Taylor
9:00p – 11:00p Dessert Reception

Saturday-March 16
7:00a – 7:45a Continental Breakfast
7:00a – 11:00a Registration Open
8:00a – 8:50a Questioning Your Way Past Stumbling Blocks Sabrina Darby
  Navigating the World of Publishing Contracts Courtney Miller-Callihan
  Writing Action Scenes for Romance Dee J. Adams, Zoë Archer, HelenKay Dimon & Nico Rosso
  Self-Publishing Debra Holland
  Chat: Everything About Boroughs Christopher Keesler, Michelle Klayman & Jill Limber
9:00a – 9:50a Critique Sessions Editors/Agents
9:00a – 9:50a Basic Guide to Weapons (2 Hours) First hour M.A. Taylor
  Screenwriting Basics Nancy Ellen Dodd
  Can This Manuscript Be Saved? Susan Meier
  Chat:  All Things YA—Sex, Drugs, BFFs, Vamps C.C. Hunter
10:00a – 10:50a Basic Guide to Weapons (2 Hours) Second hour M.A. Taylor
  Hooks:  Baiting Your Story to Catch a Reader Elizabeth Boyle
  Editor/Agent Panel Heather Bennett, Laura Bradford, Christopher Keeslar, & Pam van Hylckama Vlieg
  Chat:  Ghosts & Things that Go Bump in the Night Linda Thomas-Sundstrom & Linda Wisdom
11:15a – 12:45p Luncheon
  Keynote Speaker:  Julia Quinn
1:00p – 1:50p Writing Short & Hot Brenda Chin
  The Sizzling Synopsis Louella Nelson
  Amazon for Authors Jon Fine
  Confessions of a Contest Judge Terry Blain
2:00p – 3:50p Editor/Agent Appointments
2:00p – 2:50p Who’s Your Baddy Chris Marie Green
  Pacing: Turn Readers into Addicts Susan Squires
  Using Social Media to Connect with Readers Barbara VeyLisa Kessler
  Chat: More Amazon for Authors Jon Fine
3:00p – 3:50p It’s Not Just Adding a Naked, Tattooed Guy: Using Humor in Your Writing Christie Craig
Can You Stand the Heat: Writing Erotic Romance for Fun and Profit Louisa Bacio & Tara Lain
Gaslight, Gadgets & Gizmos: The Many Possibilities of Steampunk Zoë ArcherNico Rosso & Jillian Stone
Chat: The Publishing Pact – Making that First Sale & Taking Your Writing Buddies with You. Cassi Carver & Melissa Cutler
4:00p – 5:00p Tea with Julia Quinn Limited to Winners
5:00p – 8:50p Dinner on Your Own
9:00p – 10:00p Night Tales Salon with Barbara Vey Limited to Winners
Sunday – March 17
7:00a – 7:45a Continental Breakfast
8:00-8:50a Show and Tell HelenKay Dimon
  Historical Panel Elizabeth BoyleTessa Dare & Debra Mullins
  Journey Steps, No Frills Guide to Plotting Susan Meier
  Building Reader Loyalty Barbara Vey
9:00-9:50a Your Story Begins at Home Christine Ashworth
  Point of View – Who’s Got the Camera? Charlotte Carter
  Chat: Cowboys, Babies & Brides, Oh My! Writing Category Length in a Changing Market Teresa Carpenter, et. al.
  Dialogue – It’s More Than What You Say Julia Quinn
  Chat with Jill Shalvis  Jill Shalvis
10:00-10:50a Making the Grade: Women in Law Enforcement Kathy Bennett & M.A. Taylor
  The Writer’s Compass Workshop Nancy Ellen Dodd
  Chat:  Writing Sexy (And We Like It!) Louisa Bacio & Tara Lain
  Chat: Airships Over Victorian London Jillian Stone
11:00a – 12:45p Luncheon – California Hooker Contest Winner Announced
  Keynote Speaker:  Jill Shalvis
1:00p – 2:30 p Book Signing

Conference Ends!

Workshops and times may be changed due to unforeseen situations. The Committee reserves the right to make such changes with or without notice as determined by the needs of the Committee.

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