Book Camp

Book Camp

We created a special “Book Camp” on Friday that will enable you to plot a brand new story in a single afternoon. This is an intensive hands-on experience that will help you fill the pages of your next story. Spend a half-day under the guidance of published authors as you create a new novel. You’ll come away with the character and story basics that will enable you to create a solid synopsis.

If you’re coming to the conference and want to start it off with an intensive writing experience, then you can add this Early Bird workshop for a nominal fee of $40.00 when you register. If you can’t make the whole conference, but want to plot a brand new story, the fee for RWA members is $50.00 and if you aren’t an RWA member, the fee is $60.00.

Here’s the break down for the afternoon:

  • 1:00 p.m. – 1:50 p.m.  Pied Piping the Muse with Chris Marie Green


Do you ever find yourself at a creative standstill, needing to “fill the well,” but lacking the inspiration to do so?  By using music as a tool for creation, Chris Marie Green (AKA Crystal Green and Christine Cody) will help you to conjure up a story premise or enliven a scene that’s dead on arrival.   You’ll be going into deep brainstorming territory, using a serious focus on music to stimulate your neurons and shake up that creativity, so get ready to roll!


  • 2:00 p.m. – 2:50 p.m. Matchmaking 101:  A Yenta’s Guide to Creating, Sustaining, and Overcoming Conflict in a Romance with Judy Duarte

In a romance, it’s not the set up that creates a perfect couple at the end.  It’s the journey they must take that will eventually earn them a happy-ever-after.  Learn how to create a couple that will guarantee enough conflict to sustain the story from the first page to the last.

  • 3:00 p.m. – 3:50 p.m. Black Moments with Lisa Kessler


Every romance has one, but is yours strong enough? In this portion of Book Camp, we’ll work on making your happily-ever-after into a satisfying, well-earned ending by crafting a black moment that has your readers turning pages and holding their breath, hoping the hero and heroine will end up together.


  • 4:00 p.m. – 4:50 p.m. HANDS-ON PLOTTING SESSIONS


In this session of Book Camp, you will join the other participants, as well as authors published in your targeted genre, in a small group setting where you can flesh out the characters, conflicts, and story ideas you came up with so far.




This will kick off your next book with excitement and motivation. A definite must attend even if you cannot make the whole conference.

Book Camp Registration Form

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Book Camp Registration Form

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